Jacksonville Skeet & Trap Club 
12125 New Berlin Road 
Jacksonville, Florida, 32226-2255
(904)751-8438 (Fax) 

Our Mission
The general nature of the object of this Corporation is to foster, encourage, stimulate and develop hunting, target shooting, fishing and kindred sports; the protection and propagation of fish and game; the preservation of forests; to erect, maintain, purchase, rent, hire, lease, let or otherwise acquire and dispose of lands, buildings or structures for the purposes of clubhouses for target shooting and kindred sports; to foster and operate gun promotion of good fellowship. Target shooting and fishing activities of the Club shall be open to the general public. The Jacksonville Skeet and Trap Club is one of the oldest continuously operated Gun clubs in the country. Established circa 1936 and operating from the current facility since December 1984 Jacksonville Skeet and Trap continues serving the Shooting community with distinction. Come take advantage of this wonderful facility and enjoy the TRADITION that is Jacksonville Skeet and Trap.
Open To The Public
Hours of Operation
Wednesday 12 - 8:30 pm
Friday 12 - 6 pm
Saturday & Sunday 10 - 6pm
Price per Round:

                                        Member    Non Member   

 Skeet & Trap        $6.00           $8.50

 5-Stand                 $7.00           $9.50
Wobble Trap         $6.00           $8.50
  2013 Officers & Board Of Directors

President -Larry Rolfe

Vice President - Mike Reilly 

Secretary - Chris Kauffmann 

Treasurer - Frank Williams 



Bart Colbert

Jim Davidson

Lance Day

Marcus Fennell

Gary Hopkins

Rob Brown

Early Piety

George Prattos

George "Bud" Steil

Phillip Teague

Joe Walsh


Committee Chairmen

Facilities Chairperson - Mike Reilly

Skeet Chairperson-  George "Bud" Steil

Five Stand Chairperson - Phillip Teague

Special Events Chairperson - Lance Day

Stewardship Chairperson - Joe Walsh

Safety Chairperson - Early Piety

Membership Chairperson - Rob Brown

Long Range Capitol Improvements - Jim Davidson

Legal Chairperson - Larry Rolfe

Newsletter Chairperson - George Prattos